Soaring, acrylic on wood, 120 x 66 cm

"Grotta" / Personal exhibition at Studio44 in Stockholm, Sweden, 2021

I create anthropomorphic images of hybrid and primitive organisms in scenes from which the
viewer can construct his own vision of the story. The purpose of my work is to question the
graphic / pictorial state by introducing both spontaneity and control, and questioning the
concept of interpretation. In “Grotta”, combinations of silhouettes seek to escape from their
element so that the feeling and the eye of the beholder can free them.

The cave evokes cave paintings, the place that shelters and protects, an inner and hidden
world. This cave is above all the place of interpretations, like a Rorschach test, or the myth of
the cave, each observer can find his vision/illusion there. This free and gestural expression
refuses to clearly formulate contours and shapes to leave more place for a certain tension
between graphics and pictoriality.

Vues of the installation of the exhibition "Grotta" in Studio44, Stockholm, Sweden.


© Copyright laetitia deschamps